Sunday, August 3, 2014

Just a few ideas...

At the last couple of shows I've had friends come up to me and ask, "Just what is an (elle)ement anyway?"  They've seen them show up on Facebook day after day, but couldn't quite get it, or couldn't figure out their size from the pictures.  Other people just choke at how to build an interesting looking group.  So, let's clear that up, shall we?

(Elle)ements are 4" square canvases that you hang on the wall. They are linoleum block prints on canvas, I carve and print each one by hand.  You will find many with similar designs, but each is an original, and none are exactly the same.  As far as hanging them, all it really takes is a pushpin, or a couple of tiny nails and you're done. As for how to group them, here are a few ideas...

By color, you can hardly go wrong with the almost monochromatic display above.  Straight up red, with a few leaning towards orange or violet.

Or, you can keep it fairly similar, and add another color for contrast, like the yellows above. You'll note that the blah in the top left hand corner seems repeated from the photo above, but is actually a different  piece with a different background.

You can group a bunch of cool ones together, with just that tiny pop of red.  The group above would look great in a cool blue or grey bathroom, or bedroom.

Blah blah blah, you could repeat the same image, like the blahs above.  And I tell you, I really, really want to do a huge group of these for a lawyer's office one day...or perhaps a newspaper editor.  What do I consider a huge group? A couple hundred or more...on a boardroom wall perhaps?

Sometimes you can just group by their value, and by that I don't mean money, but how deep or pale they are.  You can sneak in something like octopus legs with flourishes, and flowers, and it still looks lovely and romantic.

And the best thing is you can just mix them all up, and fit them into that weird spot, that just needs to sing.

So, there you go, (Elle)ements 101

And if you want to buy one, or a bunch, they are still $25 each, send an email to to purchase. Thanks!

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