Thursday, October 17, 2013

Out of control.

They are everywhere.
As you know, I post a new (elle)ement each day.  I also take them to shows.
Some are in boxes, some are beside my desk, many have been sold and have either been shipped, or are waiting in piles to be shipped.  But those that haven't sold are building up.
So here is the deal, below are three photos showing all the (elle)ements I have put up on the blog that haven't sold.  They will be available here until Monday when I box them up and put them into my inventory that goes with me to shows.  Next up, by the way, is RiverArts Fest in Memphis, TN next weekend!
And just to sweeten the pot, I'll take 10% off any sales of these through Sunday night.
As usual, if you find four you like, I'll ship them for free.
Here we have, in no particular order
Group 1
Group 2

And group 3

And just to get you thinking, here are some groups I pulled out of the sea of availables...
Four focusing on purple and green.

Six subtle pieces, they would sing in a pale room, or at a beach house perhaps?

9 that just pop with reds and graphic images.
And another 9, just for fall, or lovers of fall colors.

Interested in one, or a bunch?  At $22.50 each, you can afford a treat!
Send me an email with your choices, obviously they will be first come first serve.

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