Friday, December 21, 2012

Fresh work! #424(sold) and #425 (sold)

Good morning (elle)ements fans!  Here are today's offerings.  And just in case you are viewing this on an Iphone, or Ipad let me fill you in... The next time you get to a full grown computer, look this page up again, because there is much more information than you can see here. (Or you can click where it says "View full site")  The price for all of these little babies is $25 each.  They are all acrylic and tissue on 4" square canvases.  Shipping is $5 for up to three and FREE if there are 4 or more in a box when it leaves my studio.  So here we go...
The one above is a brand new image, #424 is a bit of a spider mum, in a brick red on a warm gold background.  Perfect for a warm group, or a nice little block of warm in an otherwise cool group.  No worries, I will talk about ways to arrange your (elle)ements in the future.

And this one, #425 is a fiery combo of red orange and mauve.  Also known as an analogous discord for you color theory fans.  This piece was printed on pattern tissue, hence the bit of text.  If upside down text makes you itch, flip it over, it looks good either way. 
That's it for today, check back on Monday, I'll have something fresh.  And please tell your friends, how else will they know what you want for Christmasnewyearsvalentinesbirthday?

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